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This is your chance to "swot up" on some facts and figures related to those who give life to the characters who reside within these ancient castle walls. Aahh what it would be like to live again......not that I'm complaining! Being a spirit has its advantages you know!! ;)

Tournament Champions

This year, Hogwarts will play host to a legendary event - the Triwizard Tournament. Pupils from Beuxbatons and Durmstrang will live with us here at Hogwarts throughout the tournament and one pupil from each of the three schools will compete. Having said that, the Goblet of Fire spat out a fourth name - Harry Potter. Ron and Hermione, after a few ups and downs, have vowed to help Harry with his tasks as much as they can.

  The Students

Daniel Radcliffe

Date of Birth - July 23rd 1989 (Leo)

Place of Residence - London

Siblings - None.


Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson =

Date of Birth - April 15th 1990 (Aries)

Place of Residence - Oxford

Siblings - One younger brother - Alex.


Rupert Grint =

Date of Birth - August 24th 1988

Place of Residence - Watton-at-Stone, Hertfordshire

Siblings -


Bonnie Wright


James Andrew Eric Phelps =

Date of Birth - February 25th 1986

Place of Residence -

Siblings - one slightly older twin brother - Oliver


Oliver Martyn John Phelps =

Date of Birth - February 25th 1986  (13 minutes before James)

Place of Residence -

Siblings - One slightly younger twin brother - James

The Staff

Michael Gambon -

Date of Birth = October 19th 1940

Place of Residence = Dublin, Ireland

Facts = He is 6 foot tall


Magaret Natalie Smith -

Date o Birth - 28th December 1934

Place of Residence - Ilford, Essex

Facts - 5'5" tall, two sons = Chris Larkin and Toby Stephens


Anthony Robert McMillan (Robbie Coltrane) -

Date of Birth - 30th March 1950

Place of Residence - Rutherglen, Scotland

Facts - 6'1" tall, 2 children = Alice and Spencer



The Goblet of Fire cast list

Dan Radcliffe = Harry Potter

Rupert Michael Grint = Ronald Weasley

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson = Hermione Granger


Michael Gambon = Albus Dumbledore

Margaret Natalie Smith = Minerva Mcgonagall

Warwick Davis = Filius Flitwick

Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman = Severus Snape

Robbie Coltrane (Anthony Robert McMillan) = Rubeus Hagrid

David Bradley = Argus Filch

Brendon Gleeson = Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody


Shirley Henderson = Moaning Myrtle

John Cleese = Nearly Headless Nick


Pedrag Bjelac = Igor Karkaroff

Tolga Safer = Karkaroff’s Aide

Stanislav Ianevski = Viktor Krum


Frances de la tour = Madame Maxime

Clemence Poesy = Fleur Delacour

Angelica Mandy = Gabrielle Delacour

Tom Verrchia = Gabrielle's Yule Ball partner


Jason Isaacs = Lucius Malfoy

Tom Felton = Draco Malfoy

Danielle Crockford = Malfoy's Yule Ball partner

Jamie Waylett = Vincent Crabbe

Alex Craig = Crabbe's Yule Ball partner

Joshua Herdman = Gregory Goyle

Caroline Rovina = Goyle's Yule Ball partner


Afshon Azad = Padma Patil

Shefali Chowdhury = Parvati Patil

Tiana Benjamin = Angelina Johnson

Alfred Enoch = Dean Thomas

Katie Leung = Cho Chang

Matthew Lewis = Neville Longbotton

Devon Murray = Seamus Finnigan

Arielle Brown = Seamus' Yule Ball partner

Charlotte Skeech = Hannah Abbot

Robert Pattinson = Cedric Diggory

Jeff Raule = Amos Diggory


Mark Williams = Arthur Weasley

Julie Walters = Molly Weasley

Bonnie Kathleen Wright = Ginny Weasley

James and Oliver Phelps = Fred and George Weasley

Mala Su Mabey = George's Yule Ball Partner


Leonard Gary Oldman = Sirius Black

Timothy Leonard Spall = Peter Pettigrew


Ralph Nathaniel Fiennes = Lord Voldemort


Robert Hardy = Cornelius Fudge

Roger Lloyd-Pack = Barty Crouch

David Tennant = Barty Crouch Jr

Louis Doyle = Ernie Macmillian

Henry Lloyd-Hughes = Roger Davis


Miranda Jane Richardson = Rita Skeeter

Robert Wilford = Photographer


Jarvis Cocker (pulp) = “Weird Sisters” band member

Johnny Greenwood (Radiohead) = "Weird Sisters" band member

Phil Selway (Radiohead) = "Weird Sisters" band member


William Melling = Nigel (1st year student)

Nikki Posener = Slytherin Student

Christina Cartwright = Slytherin Student

John Hurt = Mr. Ollivander

Ponciano Almeida = male Yule Ball dancer


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